phpIPAM Ansible Modules

This collection provides modules to manage entities in a phpIPAM. This is neighter a collection of roles nor playbooks. It provides modules to wrote your own roles and/or playbooks.

We get a lot of inspiration from foreman-ansible-modules for our modules.


The collection is available via Ansible Galaxy. So you can run

ansible-galaxy collection install codeaffen.phpipam

Alternatively you can build and install the collection from source.

make dist
ansible-galaxy collection install codeaffen-phpipam-<version>.tar.gz


Current documentation can be found on


If you have installed the collection you can facilitate ansible-doc to display documentation for a given module.

$ ansible-doc codeaffen.phpipam.section
> SECTION    (/home/user/ansible_collections/codeaffen/phpipam/plugins/modules/

        create, update and delete sections

  * This module is maintained by The Ansible Community
OPTIONS (= is mandatory):

- app_id
        API app name
        [Default: ansible]
        type: str

- description
        Short describtive text
        [Default: None]
        type: str

- dns_resolver
        The NS resolver to be used for this section
        [Default: (null)]
        type: str

- list_order
        Order in sections list view
        [Default: (null)]
        type: int

= name
        Name of the section

        example: customer_1
        type: str

- parent
        Name of the parent section
        (Aliases: master, master_section)[Default: None]
        type: str

= password
        Password of the user to access phpIPAM server

        type: str

- permissions
        JSON object that represent the permissions for each user
        [Default: None]
        type: json

= server_url
        URL of the phpIPAM server

        type: str

- show_supernets_only
        Show only supernets in sebnet list view
        [Default: False]
        type: bool

- show_vlan
        Show/hide VLANs in subnet list view
        [Default: False]
        type: bool

- show_vrf
        Show/hide VRFs in subnet list view
        [Default: False]
        type: bool

- state
        State of the entity
        (Choices: present, absent)[Default: present]
        type: str

- strict_mode
        If set to true, consistency of subnets and IP addresses will be checked
        [Default: False]
        type: bool

- subnet_ordering
        How to order subnets within this section
        [Default: subnet,asc]
        type: str

= username
        Username to access phpIPAM server

        type: str

REQUIREMENTS:  inflection, ipaddress, phpypam>=1.0.0

AUTHOR: Christian Meißner (@cmeissner)
          - preview
          supported_by: community


- name: "Create a section"
    username: "admin"
    password: "s3cr3t"
    server_url: ""
    name: "EXAMPLE INC"
    description: "Section for company EXAMPLE INC"
    state: present

- name: "Create a section with parent"
    username: "admin"
    password: "s3cr3t"
    server_url: ""
    name: "DEVOPS department"
    parent: "EXAMPLE INC"
    description: "Section for devops department in EXAMPLE INC"
    state: present

repository folder

A last option to read the docs is the docs folder in this repository.


The following dependencies have to be fulfiled by the Ansible controller.

  • inflection
  • ipaddress
  • phpypam>=1.0.0